Poet Tree

The Poet Tree Everyone can write a poem. Everyone enjoys reading or hearing a poem.The Poet Tree in lower Railway Gardens will be the focus for sharing and enjoyingshort poems of all kinds. Pin up an original poem, rhyme, lyric or ditty that you’ve composed yourself or sharean old favourite that you think others will

Children’s Book Swap

Children’s Book Swap The children’s’ book swap table will be located outside the Poets Corner Café. Children will be able to exchange books on a one-for-one basis, free of charge. If you’ve got a lovely book you’ve grown out or have finished with then bring it along and swap it for another one.

Hardy, Barnes & Young Heritage Walk

Hardy, Barnes and Young Walk In celebrating our inaugural Literary Festival we have published a new local walking map for literary enthusiasts and walkers alike. Join a walk around the town’s literary past will be launched at the Station Road entrance to Railway Gardens from 10am until 11.30am.  There will be ‘Victorian’ guides at each